Joanne Arnett, 2016
Andrea Donnelly, 2014
Olivia Valentine, 2012
Sharon Kallis, 2010
Stephen Beal, 2008
Andrea Vander Kooij, 2006
Elana Herzog, 2004
Soonran Youn, 2002
Sonya Clark, 2000
Tomoko Ishida, 1998
Kyoung Ae Cho, 1997
Marcie Miller Gross, 1996
Frances Dorsey, 1995

Marcie Miller Gross: 1996
Lillian Elliott Award Recipient


Recent Work - 2016

Moss (multiples), 2016
Sizes vary, overall: 144" x 20" x 12"
Wool industrial felt.

Marcie Miller Gross - Moss (multiples)
Marcie Miller Gross, Moss (multiples), 2016.

Marcie Miller Gross - Moss (multiples) - detail
Moss (multiples) - detail.


Recent Work - 2014

"Within my site responsive objects, installations and drawings, I am fascinated with the interplay between the spatial, conceptual and architectonic conditions of a place. Through an incremental means of building with utilitarian materials, industrial felt, wood, paper towels, felted wool sweaters, I make objects that explore serial, repetition, mass and void, physicality and weight, compression and release. Within these qualities, I find parallels in the physical and psychological states of the body, and sensory knowledge. These pliable materials have an intense relationship to the body, and the capacity to carry traces, memory and a potent history of former use. My interest in physical actions of folding, cutting and stacking finds its focus in organization and reduction and makes reference to artistic precedent such as mono-ha and minimalism. These elemental solids are informed by systems of nature and geometry, Froebel's gifts and German modernism, animal and mineral, parts and arrangements, architectural fragments, wedges, blocks, slabs."

Wedge (24), 2013
10 " x 17" x 5" each, 14' x 20' overall.
Industrial felt.

Marcie Miller Gross - Wedge (24)
Marcie Miller Gross, Wedge (24), 2013.

Marcie Miller Gross - Wedge (24), Detail #4
Wedge (24), Detail #4.

Orange (split), 2013
9 " x 83 " x 6"
Industrial felt.

Marcie Miller Gross - Orange (split)
Marcie Miller Gross, Orange (split), 2013.


Recent Work - 2012

Red Fold, 2012
71 1 /2” x 60”x 9”
Industrial felt, basswood.

Untitled (seams), 2012
36” x 180”x 1/2”
Felted wool seater seams, pins.

Marcie Miller Gross - Red Fold, Untitled (seams)
Marcie Miller Gross, Red Fold, and Untitled (seams), 2012.

Marcie Miller Gross - Red Fold
Red Fold.

Solo exhibition at The Studios Exhibition Space
Kansas City, MO, 2011

Marcie Miller Gross - Concentrations
Marcie Miller Gross, Concentrations, installation view, 2011.

Working Parts (wedges, blocks, slabs), 2011
50" x 173" x 29"
Industrial felt, basswood, found wood, mdf, steel.

Sheared #1, 2011
36” x 180”x 1/2”
Wool industrial felt.

Marcie Miller Gross - Working Parts and Sheared #1
Marcie Miller Gross, Working Parts (wedges, blocks, slabs) and Sheared #1, 2011.

Marcie Miller Gross - Working Parts
Working Parts (wedges, blocks, slabs) - detail.

Marcie Miller Gross - Sheared #1
Sheared #1, 2011.


Recent Work - 2010

Recirculate, 2010
171” x 58”x 9”
Discontinued fabric memo samples collected from architectural and design firms, electrical cable tray, glue.

Commission for the American Institute of Architects, Kansas City, Missouri, "Art Through Architecture Program".

Marcie Miller Gross - Recirculate
Marcie Miller Gross, Recirculate, 2010.

Marcie Miller Gross - Recirculate (detail)
Detail - Recirculate.


Work Submitted for the 1996 Lillian Elliott Award

Urban Strata, 1993
72” x 8”x 4”
Newspaper, beeswax.

Marcie Miller Gross - Urban Strata
Marcie Miller Gross, Urban Strata, 1993.

Marcie Miller Gross - Urban Strata (detail)
Detail - Urban Strata.