Joanne Arnett becomes 2016 B/EA recipient!
Watch the documentary featuring Joanne and Lillian - their artwork and insights - with excerpts of recordings from 1993.

Joanne Brandford and Lillian Elliott 1993 (YouTube)
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In 2016 B/EA was formally turned over to the Textile Society of America and became a TSA award.

TSA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations are tax deductible to the extent provided by law.

The Brandford/Elliott Award for Excellence in Fiber Art

...was established to honor the lives and work of the late and beloved fiber artists Joanne Segal Brandford and Lillian Elliott. Extraordinary textile artists and scholars who were long-time friends, they died within a few days of one another in April 1994.

The award, formerly known as the Lillian Elliott Award, became a well known honor in a very short time, perhaps because there are no other awards specifically designated for emerging artists working with fiber, and because the need is so great.

The 2016 award was presented by the Brandford/Elliott Award (B/EA) Board to Joanne Arnett at the Textile Society of America Biennial Symposium in Savannah, GA, during the TSA Awards Banquet Dinner (October 22, 2016).

The Brandford/Elliott Award is an independent non-profit organization.

The Award Process

Every other year members of the B/EA Board choose three anonymous nominators – professionals active in the field of art in the fiber medium – from different geographic regions. Each nominator recommends three artists who are invited to apply. The B/EA Board reviews the applications and the award is given to a promising artist whose work reflects a willingness to take creative risks.

Current members of the B/EA Board are Pat Hickman, Mary Dusenbury, Cathy Weller, Fran Dorsey, and two Textile Society of America representatives – Jill D'Alessandro and Vita Plume. Past board members include Sandra Harner, Susan Sternlieb, and Barbara Goldberg.

In 2016 the B/EA board made the decision to reveal all past nominators; they are listed below in alphabetical (rather than chronological) order.

The Awardees

Joanne Arnett 2016 Brandford/Elliott Award for Excellence in Fiber Art (B/EA) Recipient: Joanne Arnett

Andrea Donnelly 2014 Brandford/Elliott Award for Excellence in Fiber Art (B/EA) Recipient: Andrea Donnelly

Olivia Valentine 2012 B/EA Recipient: Olivia Valentine

In 2012 the official name of the award was revised to The Brandford/Elliott Award for Excellence in Fiber Art. It was formerly the Lillian Elliott Award.

Sharon Kallis - Boat 2010 Lillian Elliott Award (LEA) Recipient: Sharon Kallis

Stephen Beal - Ritten 2008 LEA Recipient: Stephen Beal

Andrea Vander Kooij 2006 LEA Recipient: Andrea Vander Kooij

Elana Herzog - Untitled 2004 LEA Recipient: Elana Herzog

Soonran Youn - Untitled 2002 LEA Recipient: Soonran Youn

Sonya Clark - Untitled 2000 LEA Recipient: Sonya Clark

Since 2000, the award has been granted biennially rather than annually.

Tomoko Ishida - Untitled 1998 LEA Recipient: Tomoko Ishida

Kyoung Ae Cho - Untitled 1997 LEA Recipient: Kyoung Ae Cho

Marcie Miller Gross - Untitled 1996 LEA Recipient: Marcie Miller Gross

Frances Dorsey - Untitled 1995 LEA Recipient: Frances Dorsey

Past Nominators

Suzanne Baizerman, Dorothy Gill Barnes, James Bassler, Gaza Bowen, Dorothy Caldwell, Stefano Catalani, Sonya Clark, Joan Dreyer, Mary Dusenbury, Andy Gilats, Ann Hamilton, Oliver Herring, Shelia Hicks, Stuart Kestenbaum, Nancy Koenigsberg, Bruce Hoffman, Janet Koplos, Kiyomi Iwata, Susan Martin Maffei, Patricia Malarcher, Marci Rae McDade, Matilda McQuaid, John McQueen, Michael Olszewski, Sunita Patterson, Laurel Reuter, Lawrence Rinder, Linda Ross, Jane Sauer, Ruth Scheuing, Warren Seelig, Sherri Smith, Lotus Stack, Kenneth Trapp, Claire Verstegen, Anne Wilson, Gayle Wimmer, Bhakti Ziek, and Emily Zilber.


In honor of Lillian and Joanne