Diedrick Brackens becomes the 2018 B/EA recipient!


Note: the Brandford/Elliott Award website was created in the fall of 2011, at which time work for each awardee was presented from the time she/he received the award, as well as current work dating 2010 or so.

Since then, new work is added to each awardee's page every other year (when available), around the time of the next award.

In 2016 B/EA was formally turned over to the Textile Society of America and became a TSA award.

The Awardees

The 2018 award was presented by the Brandford/Elliott Award (B/EA) Board to Diedrick Brackens at the Textile Society of America Biennial Symposium in Vancouver, BC, during the TSA Awards Banquet Dinner (September 22, 2018).

Diedrick Brackens 2018 Brandford/Elliott Award for Excellence in Fiber Art (B/EA) Recipient: Diedrick Brackens

Joanne Arnett 2016 Brandford/Elliott Award for Excellence in Fiber Art (B/EA) Recipient: Joanne Arnett

Andrea Donnelly 2014 B/EA Recipient: Andrea Donnelly

Olivia Valentine 2012 B/EA Recipient: Olivia Valentine

2012 was the first year for the award's new, official name:
The Brandford/Elliott Award for Excellence in Fiber Art.
It was formerly the Lillian Elliott Award.

Sharon Kallis 2010 Lillian Elliott Award (LEA) Recipient: Sharon Kallis

Stephen Beal 2008 LEA Recipient: Stephen Beal

Andrea Vander Kooij 2006 LEA Recipient: Andrea Vander Kooij

Elana Herzog 2004 LEA Recipient: Elana Herzog

Soonran Youn 2002 LEA Recipient: Soonran Youn

Sonya Clark 2000 LEA Recipient: Sonya Clark

Since 2000, the award has been granted biennially rather than annually.

Tomoko Ishida 1998 LEA Recipient: Tomoko Ishida

Kyoung Ae Cho 1997 LEA Recipient: Kyoung Ae Cho

Marcie Miller Gross 1996 LEA Recipient: Marcie Miller Gross

Frances Dorsey 1995 LEA Recipient: Frances Dorsey